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Cup Lid Cleaning Brush

Cup Lid Cleaning Brush

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Now you can keep your drinking containers in top-notch condition with the Cup Lid Cleaning Brush! This three-in-one cleaning brush has an inclined corner brush design for easy cleaning of the most inaccessible parts and complex structures. The nylon brush can clean even small corners that are difficult to reach, while the configuration design allows for easy cleaning of grooves. Plus, it can easily remove any gasket on a container that is hard to reach or replace. It’s also able to rotate 180° on both sides for replacement use or just to clean grooves thoroughly – and it won’t get dirty or damaged. Best of all, this Cup Lid Cleaning Brush is suitable for all types of cups and bottles, including insulation cups, glass cups, wine glasses, teacups, and beakers. Keep your drinking vessels looking spotless with this amazing cleaning brush today!




Item Type: Bottle Cleaning Brush 
Material: PP
Color: Orange, White
Weight: 25g
Size: 15 x 10 cm


Package Includes:

1 x Cup Lid Cleaning Brush 

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