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LIFT UP™ BRA - Lifts and Shapes Breasts

LIFT UP™ BRA - Lifts and Shapes Breasts

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Enhance your beauty with the LIFT UP™ bra and feel confident wherever you go. The revolutionary silicone bra lifts and shapes breasts, adding volume, firmness and an instant boost in a natural way! Without giving up comfort or having to suffer through uncomfortable bras that leave imprints! Whether large or small, LIFT UP are perfect to upgrade any neckline and transform any look. Model and lift your breasts in an instant with our special adhesive that allows easy application and is reusable when washed with soap and water! Experience the power of our pure silicone that guarantees the perfect lift-up for up to 7 centimeters, without it causing any disturbance to your comfortable clothes. Get ready to boost your self-esteem today with this revolutionary product. Feel beautiful without giving up comfort with LIFT UP™ bra – lifts & shapes breasts!




Material: Cotton/Silicone
Size: 11 cm
Set comes with: 2 pairs (4 units)

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