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Non-Electric Curling Iron

Non-Electric Curling Iron

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Looking for an easy way to get beautiful, bouncy curls? Look no further than the Non-Electric Curling Iron! This curling iron is simple to use and doesn't require any heat, so it's perfect for those with sensitive Scalp. The Curling Ribbon is made of high-quality silk that gently wraps around your hair without damaging it. And because it's heatless, you'll never have to worry about burning your hair or scalp. With the Non-Electric Curling Iron, you can get gorgeous curls in just minutes - without any hassle. So ditch the hot tools and give your hair a break with the Non-Electric Curling Iron. Your locks will thank you!


Product Details
Product Type: Non-electric curling iron
Product Material: EVA+ Silk
Product Color: 9 kinds of purple, blue, white, etc.
Product Specifications: 100cm*2.6cm
Product Weight: 28.5g (1 curling iron + 2 hair loops)
Packing: OPP bag + Manual

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